Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Posted here are examples of my work. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of each pages titled "Older Posts." On the last page (page 5) you will find my resum├ęs, CV, and other info about me and my work. If you have any ideas about my art, be they good or bad, PLEASE let me know. Criticism is the ONLY way I can improve my work.

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Artist's Statement:

Artist's Statement:

Nature, imagination, and exploration are central ideas in my work. Texture and shape allow me to reference unusual surfaces on which to paint. Paper, canvas, wood, and other materials inform the  surfaces, allowing for unusual imagery that resonates visually. My shapes and palette are predetermined by an embryonic idea, built loosely around the laws of biological evolution, and contain references to spines, ribs, nervous systems, and veins. Chance and accident play a major role in how I investigate, seeking to discover new and interesting concepts as I work. Drawing on the many experiences I've had with nature, I seek to share the diversity of my experience with my audience. The imagery and form I offer is meant solely as a point of departure: I hope to imbue my viewers with a spark that starts them on an exploration of their own imaginary universe. My plan is to allow these pieces to evolve, to observe which way they evolve, and to nurture their evolution and diversity. I hope to spark a kernel of imagination within my audience, and allow them come to their own conclusions. Artists who have influenced my work include Lucio Fontana, Hans Hartung, John Loker, Georg Baselitz, Jan Groth, and many others.

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From Graphi-Ko Gallery Show by 
               The Epoch Contemporary Art Project,
 669 Central Ave, St Pete. Oct 2013

 It would take forever to drop these into photoshop to point out which work is mine and which belongs to the other artists in our group. I'll do my best, though. In the pic below, my works are the blue and black at top left, the dark blue and taupe far left, and a collaborative work under my blue and black piece. In the middle at bottom is a collaborative piece, as well, which is mostly blue and greenish.
 Here we have 3 collaborative works on the left, upper and lower, and middle bottom with the violin shaped work. Upper right, upper middle, and lower right are all Frona Farrelly's work, one of the founders of ECAP.

My work from top left, all four in sequence from left to right. Lower left to right are collaborative pieces.

 The green work with skulls is my tribute to "Grief." Frona Farrelly is on the right in pale green dress.
 Here, Top is mine. Bottom is collaborative.
 My work titled "Dollie."

 Left top and bottom are two works by Chris Geremiah. Masks are by unknown artist. Work on left is collaborative work.
 My work flanking a painting by Chris of palm trees. My works are the four smaller canvases.
 A better view of two of my smaller canvases. Non framed.
 The other two smaller canvases.

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Photos from the Manatee Public Library Show Jan 2014 to May 2014

Two pieces of mine behind the front desk at the Main Library, Manatee County, Downtown Bradenton.

"Font" at the Main Library

"Creation", Main Library show

Left, "Orange Pearls." Middle: Collaborative work - "Columns." Far right, :Study in Black and Blue."

Four small canvases: "Hot Desert Nights."

Close ups

Close ups

Close ups

Close ups

Far left, Collaborative. Middle: "Gateway." Far right two : "Hit the Road," and "Package."

Far left, "Hit the Road," and "Package." Second from left: "Orange Pearls." Second from right, "Columns." Far right: "Study in Black and Blue."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Senior Thesis I & II


Senior Thesis Show I & II

January and April 2012

Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Fl. 34234

"Paint Rectangle Number 1"

Features layered dried paint. An Homage to Dadaism.

"Migration" Click to enlarge.



"Zydeco." An exercise in 3D painting

"Wormbone." Another exercise in 3D painting.